family summer vacation

California here we come!

I wanted to bring around my Fujifilm XPro-1 with me on vacation and though I did shoot a few things I realized that it was much more convenient to use my iPhone and incidentally most of the photos I printed were from that “camera” =).

Since I grew up in California I wanted to take Anna and the kids everywhere that I remember. Both my kids were born in California, Los Angeles to be exact but they were too young when we left and wouldn’t really remember anything so this would be a good visit. Though we didn’t get to go to ALL the place i wanted to take them we went where we could. Disneyland, San Francisco, go to a bunch of restaurants and of course on any vacation the eats are the most important of all!

I brought around my XPro-1 and it came in really handy. I have always enjoyed this little camera as it isn’t as heavy as taking around my Nikon gear and I still get wonderful image quality from my shots!

Here are some of the shots from the “real camera” enjoy!

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