love me like you do

I sit here, once again in what is apparently my favorite cafe, listening to the Cinderella soundtrack, wonderful movie by the way and I am moved and inspired, inspired to write music as well as […]


the headshot

There is something about the headshot that I have always enjoyed! And I always think of it as the undershot subject and no one likes doing headshots or few shooters do rather because its “boring” […]


yafeh – יפה

yafeh the hebrew word for beautiful or pretty is titled because these are photos of my model and friend Lirone and she is incidentally Israeli and is incidentally beautiful! enjoy!


the one with food glorious, food

Of course anyone will tell you that thinks they know the bakery, “ooh, if I worked here I would be eating all day…” that comes with a rule – if you eat too much sweets […]


bts, ballet

There is something wonderful about seeing awesome photos, awesome photography. An artist any artist sets out with a vision and hopefully it comes across and the message is received. I have always preferred the hustle […]


the square format

These days the family bakery has most of my time, well that, my children & my girlfriend, there really isn’t very much room for much. Occasionally, I have the need to create but lack the […]


homage to ms hepburn

Homage to Ms Hepburn. Every so often since my new life at my family’s bakery has taken over my time I am inspired to create new work. The one thing always on the back of […]


family summer vacation

California here we come! I wanted to bring around my Fujifilm XPro-1 with me on vacation and though I did shoot a few things I realized that it was much more convenient to use my […]


fashion institute philippines, cebu

several fashions from the students at the fashion institute of the philippines, cebu.