the eva study

Photography for me has not always just been about making the shot. Photography was also a way to ‘study’ if you will and get to know the subject I was looking at through the lens. More often than not I will speak to my subject and get them to talk about their day, favorite things to talk about etc. I find that relaxed enough I will get some wonderful candids and beautiful portraits in general.

I met Eva on social media awhile back and we had been engaged in conversation about a possible shoot and it had never quite panned out, schedules etc and of course she the general hesitance cause we didn’t know each other etc. This past weekend we finally were able to get things together and as she thought this would be a single ‘test’ sort of shoot she brought a single outfit but we were actually able to get a few things together as well as other ‘outfits’ and the following is the result of some of what we shot, you can see others and more at my FB or on my 500px at

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