the one with april that first time

This previous Sunday we had some cancellations in the studio and I took over the schedule. I contacted a April, a girl I’d been meaning to shoot since I saw her about  5 or 6 years ago at a screening for the Miss Earth Guam pageant. We’d both just been busy and a bunch of missed opportunities later we finally got it together and had a shoot. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to shoot really but since I’ve a love affair with headshots I thought I’d start there. I contacted our MUA Michelle and we hung out for a bit talking about what we were going to do. She also eventually called the hairstylist Dani and it all came together and as I had the evening before saw “The Man from Uncle” I was interested as I had always been in doing something from that era, so we Googled 60’s mod fashion and we came up with these photos!

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