vintage april

I was born in April, 1967. I remember visually there was lots of color. I am fascinated by the fashion of the late 50’s and the early 60’s and as such have been trying to emulate the feel and look of the era. I have for the past few months experimented, gathered, located, searched etc., etc., etc. items of the era to incorporate into my photos to give it that “old” feel to them and editing them to that end. I find that digital images are so crisp and clear that no matter what I do, the photo looks too modern, and in the words of my daughter “they look too, I don’t know… professional?!…” LOL! So now I have come back and started shooting with my Yashica 635, My Polaroid Automatic 320 and my Nikon F3 & F5 but the following are from my Fujifilm XPro1 also. I have a few here enjoy and if you like what you see let me know and if you have ideas please let me know as well! Thank you!


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