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OFTA0987_edit_bw_smI don’t know why it is I feel the need to have to write something heartfelt and moving on this page. For all intents and purposes this website is just supposed to have sample of my photography in case someone was interested in using me to capture or create some sort of artistic photographic image. That being said for the beginning of 2016. I shot two new girls Tiffany Wager & Meagan Heacock and here’s a few images from that shoot!


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This previous Sunday we had some cancellations in the studio and I took over the schedule. I contacted a April, a girl I’d been meaning to shoot since I saw her about  5 or 6 years ago at a screening for the Miss Earth Guam pageant. We’d both just been busy and a bunch of missed opportunities later we finally got it together and had a shoot. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to shoot really but since I’ve a love affair with headshots I thought I’d start there. I contacted our MUA Michelle and we hung out for a bit talking about what we were going to do. She also eventually called the hairstylist Dani and it all came together and as I had the evening before saw “The Man from Uncle” I was interested as I had always been in doing something from that era, so we Googled 60’s mod fashion and we came up with these photos!

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Whenever I post a photo, I don’t indicate “model” as title of the subject of my photo, rather I put “muse” as in the 9 muses of Greek Goddesses of inspiration. Recently I ran across another “muse” her name is Candice. I could go on and on to try to explain my choices or what makes me click when I see someone, I can’t explain it anymore than I can explain my process except to say that it happens and I go with it! Enjoy!



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wisps of the inclement weather,
wafting perfumed scents
a glance,

that feeling,
and i arrive again
that moment;
…i will, as hard as i can;

it isn’t to be,

that time and place will never bring you back.

i wait.
Copyright © OFTANA. 2015. All rights reserved

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simple portraits


My write-up below is instructional as a refresher to those that know and new information that are unfamiliar.

In lighting a portrait, ratio and proportion is an important aspect. Begin with the 3/4 lighting or what is known as Rembrandt lighting, named after the Dutch painter who popularized the lighting and build from there. This lighting is also popular as many can make the mistake of just blowing out the subject in an effort to light their subject making the subject look flat and unpleasing.

Wikipedia defines it as:

Rembrandt lighting is a lighting technique that is used in studio portrait photography. It can be achieved using one light and a reflector, or two lights, and is popular because it is capable of producing images which appear both natural and compelling with a minimum of equipment. Rembrandt lighting is characterized by an illuminated triangle under the eye of the subject on the less illuminated side of the face. It is named for the Dutch painter Rembrandt, who often used this type of lighting.

kara_hsIn these particular photos my mainlight is camera left at 1/2 power on an AB800 and a second light the AB400 just behind the model. There is also a reflector at camera right and a smaller round silver reflector underneath the model. Both AlienBees are using medium lightboxes. Exposure info is 1/180th sec at f/9. ISO 200.

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jlb talent group

Some new additions to JLB Talent Group!


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here comes summer

Okay, so the title may be a little off as we’re on Guam so its perpetually summer here! But we still hold to the tradition of prepping for the summer and as such get excited for it, no more school, longer days… well somewhat longer days…. and friends, family and others flock to Guam for Summer! And so begins my “quest” for more content for my site IslandBikini.com et al!

IslandBikini.com has a simple premise the women of Guam in bikini’s though these days because I have had several requests we will add on a section of men, not necessarily in their bikini’s but frolicking in the beach, as it were! =)

Enjoy this selection I have shot already and some behind the scenes from me and some of the guys and stay tuned for more!

Happy Summer!


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krystal klear

I’ve known her since we first met on MySpace. Yes, that long and yes I said MySpace! =) Some of you may know her as the sax player or the torch singer et al. Some even as one of the contestants from the Miss World Guam 2014 pageant. More may know her as Krystal Paco, the newscaster, the one who can run faster than the cops in  heels. But I know her as one of a few I count as a very special friend but moreso as my muse, these are our recent collabs. Enjoy!



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love me like you do

DSC_8122_edit_sm_I sit here, once again in what is apparently my favorite cafe, listening to the Cinderella soundtrack, wonderful movie by the way and I am moved and inspired, inspired to write music as well as put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard as it were. I watch as people file into the cafe, one by one, to get their caffeine or sugar fix. Its amazing how much one can glean just by watching people, sitting patiently and watching.

And, whilst people watching, a familiar feeling; a pang, of wonder, if love will one day come. I wonder if one day it will come once again break through this wall and save me from this seemingly lonesome experience that life is currently.2014-11-10 18.39.51-1

I do find myself on occasion longing for her, but I don’t know if it is so much a longing for her or as a longing for what once was. Its strange but earlier when the breakup was still “fresh” whenever I saw old photos of her, of us, it hurt, but now several months later, 6 months and about a week later to be exact, as I see old photos and peruse, lost in the what once was, I realize, it; like all other memories have become just that, memories.

I am always open, open to the possibilities, and my children, my career, my work, my art; they all keep me busy, but it isn’t necessarily a busy that will make me forget, but rather prolong the healing. I do more often than not catch myself daydreaming when I see a woman I come across, I think – is she the one,… or, is she, but I know that the Lord has plans and I don’t see them yet nor will I, or if I do I will not understand until he is ready to show those plans to me.

Drama aside I hope and wait with veritable bated breath as the tremolos in violins, to indicate excitement – for that tinge that first knowledge that this – this new person is to be someone in my life!

TDSC_8921_edit_sm_here is a scene in Cinderella, spoiler alert, wherein whilst in the attic Cinderella dances about; she knows that the kings men are wandering about the countryside looking for whomsoever may fit the glass shoes, but she doesn’t care and consoles herself with the memory of the evening of the ball…

And, so perhaps for now, I shall also console myself and my broken heart with the memory of what once was, because for now that is what I have. Its not necessarily a sad thing but an understanding and a realization that once before I did find love…

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the headshot

There is something about the headshot that I have always enjoyed! And I always think of it as the undershot subject and no one likes doing headshots or few shooters do rather because its “boring” I think not and I enjoy them here’s a few examples of what i’ve shot lately! enjoy!


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